Design Aid

Design thinking Development for Entrepreneurs


We love to work with amazing people who are passionate about what they do, probably struggling to get a project done where we can help! we can take care of design and printing for your business! so you can have a mind set free on what you are really good at.

We love to solve problems and creatively find a solution for your needs in your business, church, school, events, or simply at home decoring any space.

New Business

We have the tools you might need to succeed. We can help you to register your business and build a strong and professional brand identity.

Our Style

We love to create minimalist, modern & rustic designs. For us design is not only about making something beautiful, it has to be functional and meet your needs too.

Any help with this?...

Small printing

Large format

Custom projects

Space decor

counseling and training 

We will help you to identify the printing opportunities you have in your business and how to reach them, doing the discovery needed we can provide also ideas and tools to automatize tasks and give a fresh and consistence look to your brand identity, if you are planning to start or grow your business but you don't know where to start.

Printing stores • Small business owners • Designers • Photographers  Handmakers


We can help you to deliver printing products or advertise yourself by creating your professional website to show the excellent work you do, since we love to help entrepreneurs with their branding, offering flexible and affordable packages.

Brand positioning

We will help you out with your brand strategies, giving professionalism, and value. Because building your brand will help you to have a strong Identity behind all you do.

We love to make personalized favors that will last forever in your mind, something not only to be on shelves or hidden in boxes later on! but something useful, functional, and memorable like these seeds...

Anything you need

TELOCREO We believe in God, we believe that we can create!

Hazel Yanes