Brand Strategy 

The process of finding the unique identity for a company or person, or creating one for a product or service, It involves crafting a distinct image, message, and reputation that sets it apart from competitors in the minds of consumers.

Discovery by TELOCREO

My discovery process

A pastor contacted me to create a logo and stationary items for their church. I began my discovery process by asking him, "What type of members do you have in your church?" He responded, "Mostly, we have older people." I then inquired, 'Would you like to reach out youth for your church?" To which he replied, "I want to reach everybody; God does not make exceptions."

I explained to him that we need to understand who comprises his ministry and to whom his call is directed, in order to determine what to create. I assured him that we would assist in identifying the specific demographics we need to reach, ensuring the continuation of his ministry in the future and avoiding conflicts in thinking. He regarded me seriously but expressed interest in hearing more. This was my first time working for a church, and it has been a great experience in understanding what the Bible can teach us about identity.

Research & strategy by TELOCREO

Research and strategy

As a Christian I believe that every congregation has its own identity. Just as Jesus carefully selected disciples with unique personalities and gifts to reach specific audiences, so too should modern ministries embrace their distinct identities.

By recognizing and nurturing the individual strengths and callings of leaders and members, ministries can effectively reach diverse communities and cultivate a passionate following. Whether following Jesus' model of teaching and releasing leaders or Paul's approach of mentoring and empowering future leaders like Timothy for the same ministry, the key lies in understanding and embracing the ministry's unique identity.

Logo redesign

As a case in point: Similar church logos for new generations.

From this

Logo redesign by TELOCREO

To this

Logo redesign by TELOCREO

From this

Logo redesign by TELOCREO

To this

Logo redesign by TELOCREO

Refining & finding the identity

Weaknesses and threats:

They have been losing their youth because they have become stuck in their way of thinking. As immigrants, they have sought to maintain standards that belong to their culture, which made them strong and renowned ministries but made the youth ministry weak since those who were born or raised in the USA feel like they do not fit in.

Their threat is not being prepared with a generation to succeed them in the future. Through research and a discovery process, the church's profile and the specific youth demographic they need to engage have been identified. 

Brand identity by TELOCREO

winnowing process

People may at times act like a tare but be a son of the Kingdom, and people may act like a son of the Kingdom but be a tare. Brand identity is like the winnowing process, when you have a well-established ministry it will easily blow away what does not belong to it.

Opportunities & strengths

Even though our scripture, beliefs, and God remain the same, our identity is unique and sets us apart. God created us to reach specific people who relate to us. 

When Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you," he made it clear, that we are called to teach ONLY what was commanded to us. This is a specific call and purpose, their strength.

The opportunity is in embracing both cultures and combine them. Harmony and new members will come, hoping this will bring back the lost youth. This will make it easier to draw support from any of them.

Magnolia Press - Branding

Design Identity

Once we gather the information needed thu this process, allows us to know what font, colors, and message to use because their identity is exposed and we know who to reach. By providing cohesive and consistent content that people can relate to, and add value to their ministry.

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