My training and consulting Journey

I am a design strategist who previously worked around four years as a graphic designer and print specialist at a successful TUPSS location in Maryland. With over sixteen years of experience, I have transitioned to consulting and support, specializing in improving printing and designing processes for stores like yours.

I've observed the challenges between owners and designers, particularly regarding the cost of hiring a professional Graphic Designer who meets TUPSS profile requirements.

How to succeed with design services?

There exists a gap between talent and skills, now days everybody can learn graphic design, or have access to templates and create, those are skills but, having creativity and strategy  to execute or innovate are vital talent to succeed.

Without them, the flow of designing and printing projects may decrease, that is why TUPSS require designers to handle various tasks in-store, including shipping & notary services. This was overwhelming for me as a designer, especially during busy seasons!  so, I got to work creating a creative environment.

I started creating an order take plan, also I organized all the materials, tools, inks, and made a classification of papers we might need thinking in advanced on the projects I would do, that helped us to know what we had and what to reorder. We can help you with this and also enhancing your Print station.

I started working in a unique, and strategically tailored Print Wall, we didn't have anything to showcase back then, as both the store and I were new. However, I made it a point to say YES to those unique projects every time I felt they would add value to our portfolio, even if we had never attempted them before.

"Let me show you the power of Design, you're not selling trinkets"  

Preventing pricey blunders

Seeing the requirements for a TUPSS Designer candidate, it is actually the profile for another associate plus graphic design, print specialist, and housekeeping, oh! not forgetting notary...

Would you tell a doctor to do the role of a nurse and also manage to be on the front desk and keep the place clean and organized for $13 - $19 hourly??? Well, it sounds like that!

Being this the main issue, since the rates owners are able to pay, attracts mainly beginners who may lack experience and make costly mistakes. However, If you are there! I can assist in building a dream team and offer strategies to overcome these challenges.

If you really want to dive deep in design, I know the specific requirements you need from a designer, or the must-have training you should be providing to them so they can not only do design jobs but with strategy generate new projects to build your store identity.

Creating an eye catching "print wall gallery" that will speak by itself and avoiding the crowded ones without purpose that attract the wrong clients! Believe me, you don't need those: the bargain hunters, the nitpickers with low budget, the disappearing acts, the ones who want it done yesterday! And the one who make you feel guilty finding mistakes on things they told you how to do! And yes, those are mistake we made in this early journey.

Changing the game!

My goal is to create a conducive creative environment for designers to thrive, enabling owners to undertake more designing and printing projects while keeping the entire team engaged and focused. I provide training for associates to handle printing and designing tasks efficiently, including managing orders from start to finish, doing large format printing, working with fiery, and leveraging platforms like 4over and others I also work with.

Additionally, I offer guidance on essential tools, recommended printers to start, and marketing strategies to enhance Google maps presence and attract faithful clients.

Our remote support will help your in-house designer, but if you would like to change the game! An affordable way to work is waiting for you, work with us and outsource design.

We provide templates and files ready for print, final printed products, help on the most ask questions like "how much does a logo cost?" and our most wanted pricing catalog, from almost all the trainees that went to that store, at last but not least, training for associates to be ready to sell design & printing with our tools with not designer on site. 

counseling and training 

We will help you to identify the printing opportunities you have in your business and how to reach them, doing the discovery needed we can provide also ideas and tools to automatize tasks and give a fresh and consistence look to your brand identity, if you are planning to start or grow your business but you don't know where to start.

Printing stores • Small business owners • Designers • Photographers •  Handmakers

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